The typical characteristics of reinforcing mesh machine

Time: 2017-08-05
With the development of our economy and the improvement of construction industrialization,new technology adopted in the construction industry has been a trend of changing. Traditional artificial binding reinforcement in the building construction, the construction speed is slow, to guarantee the quality of material consumption, big edge material loss, has been difficult to adapt to the needs of the rapid development of construction projects at present. Welded steel fabric with its incomparable advantages to replace the manual binding reinforcement, is the necessity of developing construction industry.

Practical steel wire welding machine is a kind of high strength, high benefit of reinforced concrete in building material, is the automated production line in the factory, the design required, and the longitudinal and transverse of cold drawing and cold rolling steel with a certain distance between the vertical arrangement, all intersection in resistance spot welding of steel fabric together. Applied to the floor, floor, shear wall, road pavement and bridge deck pavement, box culvert, dock floor, prefabricated components, and other fields. Save dosage of reinforced steel bar welded mesh wire is produced by hot rolled low carbon wire rod for cold drawn or cold rolled and increase the tensile strength of wire rod to more than 550 mpa, and steel dosage can reduce more than 30%. In addition, because the factory automation production line production, minimal losses in the steel fabric. Improving engineering quality steel bar welded mesh is according to the general international design and process, made from automatic production line, production process to strict quality control, the grid size, reinforced specifications such as quality requirements can be effectively controlled, there will be no site personnel bound and colligation errors or omissions, jerry happens, thus improve the quality of the project.

Improve crack resistance Steel welding net machine manufacturing with a rigorous calculation, accurate arrangement again according to the design specification, and then make its complex vertical and horizontal reinforcing steel bar in current intersection, whole net interval size tidy uniform, the uniform stress transfer, load can be evenly spread over the whole concrete structure, can prevent the occurrence of cracks. In accordance with the actual test result, road laid mat reinforcement ratio not steel mesh, can reduce more than 75% of the fracture occurred.

Improve production efficiency, using steel mesh can save time for the tie, etc (saves hours can reach more than 70%), conducive to subsequent concrete construction arrangement, shorten construction period.

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