Typcial characteristics of rowing welding machine

Time: 2016-07-25

There are lots gantry rowing welding machine suppliers, here let's take a look at its typical characteristics before ordering:

◆ The upper electrode using a pressurized cylinder method, pressure easily adjusted and accurately setted.

◆ It can finish mutiple solder points every time,  and it is very uniform welding;

◆ It can freely change the up & down speed of pressurized head, to ease its impact on the workpiece, also can reduce the noise;

◆ It uses  the upper insulation way in  the secondary conductor, the insulation performance is very stable and reliable;

◆ Main circuit uses silicon control, and in terms of output its power is very strong, also has a very good stability and reliability;

◆ Its operation is very easy, with foot switch control, it has high productivity and very low intensity of labor;

◆ It is very suitable for the welding of metal mesh/grid.

◆ Unit designed with separable structure, very easy to adjust size and maintain.

◆ Welding pressure is uniform to ensure good quality of all sodering points.

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