Reference tips of how to select one best quality capacitor discharge welding machine

Time: 2016-07-25
Capacitor discharge welding machine is widely used in industrial applications and heavy industry,here are some tips for capacitor discharge welding machine selection knowledges:

● capacitive energy storage welding, welding output current is more accurate, and the impact on the grid is smaller, more energy-efficient.

● Quick charge & discharge capacitor imported from Japan famous brand, stable capacity and long life.

● Special charging circuit and control system design, charge faster and more stable.

● Digital charging voltage display, accurate & visual setting of charging voltage.

● The company DR discharge welder series covers from 500J ~ 100000 J.

● Soldering surface with very little oxidation and deformation. No black spot, almost eliminating the grinding process.

● Soldering time is very short, time is not adjustable, generally only 0.003 --- 0.006s (usually discharge time without control).

● Especially suitable for welding machines with  large differences in the thickness.

● Input and output is completely isolated,without impact from the external power changes, maintain a constant power output.

● Main welding materials: stainless steel, brass, copper alloy, aluminum alloy etc..

Application: Especially suitable for electrical appliances, auto parts, stainless steel cutlery and all kinds of metal products.

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